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Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Certification

In 2007 Erreà became the first company in Europe operating in the teamwear sector to obtain Oeko-Tex Certification. This certification, issued by the international institute that for more than 20 years has represented a global point of reference for research and testing in the field of textile ecology, guarantees that all Erreà products and accessories will not release those harmful or carcinogenic substances that, given their low cost, are often used by fabric manufacturers, certifies their total safety and that they pose no health risk.

The certification ensures that Erreà products have passed the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 tests, which include:

  • Test for azo-colorants
  • Test for dyestuffs, classified as carcinogenic or allergenic
  • Determination of formaldehyde
  • Determination of chlorophenols
  • Determination of the content of chlorinated benzenes and toluenes
  • Determination of extractable heavy metals
  • Testing of colour fastness
  • Determination of the pH value in aqueous extract
  • Determination of the content of organic tin compounds (TBT and DBT)


Erreà constantly checks its entire production chain in order to guarantee the use of certified raw materials and the quality of products.

The fabrics used conform to the dictates of law no. 194/1999 (implementation of Directive 96/74/EC)
The fabrics are free of products containing formaldehyde and the presence of possible traces does not exceed the limits imposed by Japanese legislation (Act no. 112 of October 12, 73).
Formaldehyde molecules can be absorbed through the respiratory system, causing irritation to the mucous membranes and the eyes, and through the skin, causing allergies and eczema.
The fabrics have at no stage been subjected to chemical treatments with any of the substances mentioned in the Ordinance of the European Ministry of Health issued on 10/04/92 and subsequent amendments.
During the processing of fabrics, no use is made of chemical substances, such as aromatic amines which, even though they are toxic and carcinogenic, are normally used because of their intense fabric dyeing capacity.
The accessories used are nickel-freethus preventing the occurrence of allergies and eczema as required by EU Directive 76/769/EEC and implemented by Decree Law of 21 March 2000 of the Italian Ministry of Health.
“Test for harmful substances”: the dyes used for colouring fabrics meet the current requirements laid down by European legislation, they are Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Class II certified (products coming into direct contact with the skin) and do not contain azo-colorants.
The dyes used for the colouring and printing processes do not release carcinogenic aromatic amines, in compliance with European Law 2002/61 EC.
The dyes used for colouring our fabrics are not harmful to the skin, so there is no risk of occurrence of the allergies and intolerances that are usually sparked by azo-colorants.