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Errea 30th

Erreà Sport is an Italian company specialised in the manufacture of technical sportswear, and an international business active in 80 different countries.

Founded in 1988, Erreà is a leading brand, universally recognised as being synonymous with quality, expertise and competence in sports.


The name and shape of the Erreà logo originated by combining the letters ‘R’ and ‘A’, the initials of the children of the chairman and owner of Erreà Sport.

The graphic and stylised combination of the two letters was the inspiration behind the double-diamond that ideally encloses them.
The ancient symbol of the diamond, present in every epoch, culture and tradition, is a particular composition merging different elements and harmonising them perfectly one within the other, a sort of interlocking puzzle, a rational design.

Thus, vitality and strength become the two values that together best represent the meaning of the double-diamond and this company’s spirit.

The use of the initials of the founder’s children in the logo, making them an integral and part of the brand, underscores the family inspiration and structure that has always been a distinguishing feature of the company. The sense of a family working together, the perception of a setting that is inclusive, welcoming and collaborative, illustrate the characteristics of a leadership that harmoniously combines the company’s growth with care for its staff and which is based on the very strong sharing of the company’s internal values.

Since 1988, the year in which it was conceived and designed, the Erreà logo has undergone several artistic transformations that have reflected the tastes and trends of the years through which it has existed. Any style changes, however, have always been made with a respect for the original lines to guarantee the continuity of the brand’s image and, over time, its maximum recognisability.


  • 2,000 stores in over 80 countries
  • 4,000,000 articles produced every year + purchased
  • 4,800,000 metres of fabric used in our factories
  • 700 models created every season
  • 3,600 colour references
  • 5,700,000 Erreà garments sold every year
  • 15,600 Erreà garments sold every day around the world
  • 650 Erreà garments sold every hour around the world

Just these facts and figures alone should be enough to give some idea of Erreà’s complex structure and organisation today.
This well-organised international company, however, still proudly maintains its family identity, which makes the attention it pays to artisan production and versatility one of this company’s strong points.

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